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My tendency is to not equate success with inches, but with current quality hunting opportunities far from what they used to be, I thought my shot at the elusive Booner may have come and gone.
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It was our 12th straight day of trying to manufacture a shot opportunity at Baby Booner, a Kansas buck we have been after for four years.
Thick in the neck and nearly pure white across the back, that bull was a bona fide Booner, and I resolved to take one to match it.
I came back the first week of November to check the camera and discovered photos of what appeared to be a Booner.
While Illinois is generally viewed as tops for big deer--and to its credit stays open until January 10--Wisconsin is actually producing the most Booner bucks right now.
LEUPOLD has upped the ante in the archery world with the improved Vendetta 2 rangefinder that keeps your hands on the bow and your finger on your release while drawing on a Booner.
If there is a bowhunter one would expect to be absolutely unflappable when staring down a Booner whitetail, it would be Adam Vinatieri.
You just might find a photo of a true Booner on your trail camera's SD card.
In 2014, the buck outgrew' his name and became a full-on Booner with exceptional length and symmetry, despite mediocre mass and spread.
The fine folks at Rinehart have just the thing with the Booner Buck 3-D.