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Booner played for Grange Albion before joining Cardiff City and Newport County as a footballer and also captained Wales to victory over England at baseball in 1956.
You won't shoot a Booner buck but it's a good destination to see a lot of goats and take a respectable antelope.
The buck we call Baby Booner had finally showed up on trail camera, so after eight tough days in Iowa I raced to Kansas.
The most recent trend data reveals the Bluegrass State has slipped a bit yet remains a powerhouse when it comes to producing Booner bucks.
Thick in the neck and nearly pure white across the back, that bull was a bona fide Booner, and I resolved to take one to match it.
That's when I can barge through areas I'd normally never even tiptoe around for fear of spooking a Booner. It's during this time that I'll discover trails and subtle terrain features that have gone overlooked.
I eventually said to Jerimiah, "I think he may be a Booner." I remembered having noticed a sticker point on the right G-2 tine before the shot, but I'd had no idea about the brow tines or total number of points.
The vision of that Booner gray bear was in my mind, but a bear in the hand...
A few of the highlights include Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo reliving their top 10 deer hunts of all time--including Ralph's Booner Colorado mule deer and Vicki's record-breaking 203-inch Colorado whitetail--on Archer's Choice.
Normally, I don't shoot does during the peak rut for fear that a Booner buck is on her heels, but this time was different.
I was hunting these big boars just like I'd hunt a big whitetail buck because in my experience, taking a giant boar in daylight with a bow is just as noteworthy an accomplishment as killing a Booner buck.