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For example, using its unique shared boot image technology, Double-Take Flex now enables each user's desktop experience to seamlessly follow them around from device to device, leveraging the existing technology investments they've already made.
From digital rights management (DRM) to mobile TV applications, secure boot is required to prevent modification or replacement of boot images, and keys are required for different cryptography standards including public and symmetric keys.
Create and deploy custom Windows 7 installation and Windows PE boot images
With netBoot/i, administrators can use a centralized workload management console to assign workloads, including their boot images, to any available physical or virtual machine in the environment regardless of hardware configuration.
Systems can be booted from CDROM or network boot images, and installed from a local or remote backup, including remote disk files or tapes.
Modules also feature an integrated high-density DRAM plus on-module FLASH which enables multiple boot images for Logic and Software Applications.
At BrainShare, ZENworks Orchestrator will be used to manage virtual machines hosted on physical servers running Xen virtualization software, accessing data and boot images from the Compellent SAN.
Without requiring an investment in specialized network cards, SBE customers can now centrally manage their Windows 2003 boot images to improve their bottom lines and improve the survivability of the business if disaster strikes.