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When the Network Boot images are maintained separately from the servers, CTRC can bring replacement servers online quickly by downloading the boot image across the network to another server.
View and modify the contents of boot image files directly, without creating or accessing boot diskettes.
Additionally, for customers using Bluetooth low energy and proprietary implementations, TI's unique Boot Image Manager (BIM) allows multiple firmware stacks to reside on a single CC2540/1 SoC.
It is a comprehensive solution that includes all of the required technology to automate the deployment of hundreds of diskless HPC compute nodes, and includes the iSCSI Service Provider, centrally-managed back-end storage, and boot image management.
The Syncro MX-B Rack Boot Appliance is transparent to the host system and provides a unique boot image for each attached server, making system management simple while increasing reliability and power savings up to 60 percent.
Support for Segregated Data Storage - A user's unique data is stored separately from the group's boot image, allowing Double-Take Flex to update the shared boot image without overwriting an individual's unique data.
The boot image contains a customized operating system (Linux or Win PE).
5 Delivers New Functionality Including Enhanced Shared Boot Image Support With Persistence, Active Directory Integration, and Diskless PCs/Remote Boot for Windows Vista Enterprise
5 -- including the ability to install Windows Server 2008 directly from DVD to iSCSI storage and host-side persistence when booting multiple devices from a single shared iSCSI boot image.
5 Delivers Key New Functionality Including Direct Installation From DVD to iSCSI Storage, Enhanced Shared Boot Image Support With Persistence, and Diskless/Remote Boot for Windows Server 2008
Options are provided to commit client-side changes to the master boot image or clear the caches client-side changes to revert back to the master boot image configuration.