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For example, once an infected boot sector is read or an infected program is executed, the virus looks for a specific event trigger such as the time of day or a counter contained within the virus code.
A mere 512 bytes long, this thing infects the boot sector on floppy disks.
For duplication, HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA High-Speed WL models produce sector-by-sector copies from a single source hard disk, including partition and boot sector information, and LED indicator lights confirm successful completion of each hard disk drive.
File and boot sector viruses are quickly taking a back seat to macro viruses.
Hackers soon discovered that the boot sector on a diskette or hard drive is a convenient means to store and transmit viruses.
Products were tested for on-demand detection of four types of viruses: in-the-wild (that is, real-world) boot sector viruses, in-the-wild file viruses, standard viruses, and polymorphic viruses.
A certain type of virus, known as a boot sector virus, will infect computers when they are first booted up (turned on) with an infected disk in a drive.