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And Bryan Robson's quality Middlesbrough side were clinging on by their frayed boot straps when normally nerveless veteran Digby - darling of the Swindon terraces for 10 years - had his brainstorm.
The goal should be to provide them with the opportunities that you haven't had and the kinds of experiences that you had to catch by the boot straps.
Berwick, who looked doomed a few short weeks ago, have hauled themselves up by the boot straps and out of the bottom two, but they will have their work cut out to improve on their recent record when they travel to take on top of the table Stocksfield.
If we dragged ourselves up by our boot straps, and went all out for independence rather than watered-down devolution, we could afford, from our own resources, to electrify the Cardiff Valleys network.
When she was chosen to join Girls Aloud, she was the tough one, the no-nonsense tattooed estate girl from Newcastle who had pulled herself up by her high-heeled boot straps and fought for a chance of a new life.
It'll be all hands to the decks, after all, to drag us up by our boot straps.
And, from our perspective, where they are failing, or not performing as well as they could do, there is no real mechanism to pull them up by their boot straps.
The Kiwi has dragged a bunch of no-hopers up by their boot straps to play with pride, passion and no little skill, emerging as a genuine challenge to everyone.
Now we are exporting our expertise in pulling ourselves up by the boot straps.