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This is because virtualising XenApp causes a storage bottleneck that increases provisioning times, extends boot times and can reduce the number of XenApp sessions per server.
Q227350 explains that certain system files can only be defragmented safely during boot time.
When the defragmentation software is first installed on a machine, it is quickly defragmented at boot time if the MFT is fragmented.
In the Boot Storm performance test, which compared the virtual machine startup times against a baseline measurement, Symantec s offering delayed the boot time of virtual machines an average of 3x longer than with no security software; Trend Micro delayed virtual machine startup time by 4x the baseline.
Other features include a weight of less than three pounds, a backlit keyboard and a six to seven second boot time.
In addition, the new version offers faster boot time.
2 increases user acceptance and user productivity by offering faster boot time.
To date, standardisation efforts have focused on the important question of Linux kernel optimisation to achieve improved boot time, power management, system footprint and other performance-related factors.
Now, Logic PD's SOM customers can reduce the boot time required for battery-powered devices to less than 1 second.
According to the company, users of the device can enjoy upto 7 hours of battery life in addition to fast boot time of 15 second and 2 second instant start.
At boot time, when you first turn it on, there's a period of time before it's functional when third-party applications are loading services into memory.
It stated that users will also gain from improved graphics performance, support for Microsoft Windows Vista's Aero graphic interface and optional Intel Turbo Memory for faster performance and boot time.