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Q227350 explains that certain system files can only be defragmented safely during boot time.
When the defragmentation software is first installed on a machine, it is quickly defragmented at boot time if the MFT is fragmented.
Furthermore, many smartphone users, for example, allow their phones to convert to sleep mode but they rarely power off their devices to save battery power because the boot time is thought to be an inconvenience.
Tweet This: @AtlantisILIO for @Citrix #XenApp Accelerates Provisioning, Boot Time, Applications - @shawnbass test results bit.
According to the company, users of the device can enjoy upto 7 hours of battery life in addition to fast boot time of 15 second and 2 second instant start.
At boot time, when you first turn it on, there's a period of time before it's functional when third-party applications are loading services into memory.
In an internal Symantec test, compared to an industry average of nine competitors, Internet Security 2008 leads across five key performance areas including boot time (20 percent faster), memory usage (69 percent less), full scan (12 percent faster), user interface response (54 percent faster) and download speed (31 percent faster).
It stated that users will also gain from improved graphics performance, support for Microsoft Windows Vista's Aero graphic interface and optional Intel Turbo Memory for faster performance and boot time.
WinOnX supports over 70 percent of Windows programs, requires no Windows boot time and has a low cost, easy setup.
The toolkit provides the ability to produce position-independent code and data, arbitrarily pack data structures and configure the run-time memory image, move data from ROM to RAM at boot time, debug production code, and write sophisticated conditional assembler code for maximum configurability.
The EE3 optimizations we've made on our consumer and business PCs mean customers will spend less time waiting and more time doing what they want to do, with faster boot time performance and quicker resume times for a more instant-on experience.
The company is officially demonstrating its new ExpressCache[TM] product--an intelligent SSD data caching and pinning software solution designed to markedly boost PC boot time and application launch speeds.