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While it is possible to get legislation passed with the political influence of only bootleggers or only Baptists, it is less likely.
Also, manufacturers of nicotine replacement therapies will be bootleggers seeking regulations that will discourage people from thinking e-cigarettes are a relatively safe way to enjoy nicotine.
Smith and Yandle explain how we have evolved to form "Baptist" groups that sometimes unwittingly enable bootleggers.
This was a case where the Bootleggers were against the Baptists, and why the program is not in the law.
Moreover, the BJP veteran stayed at a hotel in Daman during his visit, which also belongs to an alleged bootlegger.
And Selaiteen warned potential bootleggers not to get sucked into the alcohol trade.
In an area where smoking rates were already likely to be higher than in the general population, even those motivated to quit were lured by bootleggers selling low-price cigarettes.
Page, 63, told the court that bootleggers who sell recordings of live performances without permission, were "breaking the rules legally and morally".
The Great War is over, the Jazz Age has begun, and Lilly Harrison's husband has fled to New Orleans, leaving her to face the dangerous bootleggers and narcotics dealers of Tampa.
A GANG of DVD pirates have been given ASBOs banning them from shopping areas in a new attempt to drive bootleggers out of business.
Often the bootleggers will buy gasoline at a local station, and then deploy themselves a few hundred yards away, selling their gas at up to 100 percent profit.