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constitutional commitments to individual rights in the border zone.
Meanwhile in Horgos, minimal order at the border zone was kept thanks to the joint efforts by Serbian policemen and doctors, as well as numerous humanitarian organizations which distributed food, water and other necessities.
Utrinski vesnik reports that the key question now is whether the containment of the migrants in the border zone could provoke anger and even clashes with the Macedonian armed forced.
The question of the nationality of the populations living in the border zone has remained a recurring problem since South Sudan's independence in July 2011.
Summary: Thanks to hundreds of tunnels in the sandy soil of the border zone, a construction boom has buoyed Gaza's otherwise crippled economy, according to a United Nations report.
The 15-member Council urged the two governments to make use of the Joint Political and Security Mechanism to resolve outstanding issues related to finalisation of the Safe Demilitarised Border Zone, the resolution of disputed border areas, border demarcation, and the mapping of the border zone.
interior, beyond the 25-mile border zone to which they currently are confined.
This laudable humanitarian royal initiative is part, on the one hand, of the steadfast solidarity-based vision of HM the King, and on the other hand, of the concern of the Souvereign to assist brotherly peoples in Tunisia and alleviate the Tunisian authorities' burden to face the worrying consequences of the growing flow of refugees from the Libyan territory to this border zone, it added.
His book provides insight into the work and encounters of the Anglo-German Boundary Commission, and illustrates the salience of the Cameroon-Nigerian border zone as a site of contestation and latent violence.
Witnesses said they heard an explosion at the border zone shortly before the tanks began firing.
Two sections of this ROW were selected tentatively in 2007 that accommodated eight treatment units, with each unit extending from 94-119 m long; the wire zone is about 46 m wide and each border zone is about 11 m wide.