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Moreover, the Borg scale was implemented in this study as a way to supply the physiological measurements.
Borg Scale Level of Breathlessness 0 Nothing at all 0.
08 [DELTA]HR, bpm ** -- -- Borg scale for dyspnea ** 0 (0-0) 0 (0-0) [DELTA] Borg dyspnea -- -- Borg scale for fatigue ** 0 (0-0) 0 (0-0) [DELTA] Borg fatigue -- -- Systolic BP, mmHg # 127 + 15 121 + 15 Systolic [DELTA] BP, mmHg # -- -- Diastolic BP, mmHg # 79 + 9 73 + 9 Diastolic [DELTA] BP, mmHg # -- -- 6MWD maximum, m # -- -- % predicted distance # -- -- Variables Large burned Initial p * Sp[O.
Table 3 demonstrates the mean heart rates, Borg scale values, and lactate serum levels for all participants before, during, and/or after the event.
A modified Borg scale was used to measure perceived breathlessness/dyspnea (1,6,24,69).
2]R), or the Heart Rate Reserve (HRR), which is equivalent to a value between 12 and 16 of the Borg Scale.
Both these categories are in the middle region of the Borg scale.
Dyspnea scores were measured pre- and post-6MWT using the modified Borg scale (23).
The primary measure was the evaluation of a six-minute walk test on a Borg scale where 0 meant "breathing very well, barely breathless" and 10 signified "severely breathless.
All participants were instructed to perform 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at a perceived rate of exertion (RPE) no higher than 13 on the Borg scale.
Dyspnea Medical Research Council (MRC) (13), Borg Scale (14), Muscle Test (15), Motricity Index (MI)(16) and Trunk Control Test (TCT) (17) were evaluated at baseline and at the end of the program.
Rhodiola did not alter HR Max, Borg Scale level, VO2 max, blood antioxidant status, or inflammatory parameters but did significantly reduce plasma free fatty acid levels, blood lactate, and plasma creatine kinales levels when compared with placebo.