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Dyspnea scores were measured pre- and post-6MWT using the modified Borg scale (23).
After 12 weeks of treatment, the Borg scale score after the six-minute walk test improved from 5.
Dyspnea Medical Research Council (MRC) (13), Borg Scale (14), Muscle Test (15), Motricity Index (MI)(16) and Trunk Control Test (TCT) (17) were evaluated at baseline and at the end of the program.
Rhodiola did not alter HR Max, Borg Scale level, VO2 max, blood antioxidant status, or inflammatory parameters but did significantly reduce plasma free fatty acid levels, blood lactate, and plasma creatine kinales levels when compared with placebo.
Scores from the Borg Scale of Perceived Exertion and breathlessness intensity using a 10-cm visual analogue scale (where 0 indicated no breathlessness and 10 indicated the worst breathlessness possible) were collected before and after cessation of exercise.