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Borg Scale Level of Breathlessness 0 Nothing at all 0.5 Very very slight 1 Very slight 2 Slight 3 Moderate 4 Somewhat severe 5 Severe 6 7 Very severe 8 9 Very very severe 10 Maximum MMRC Dyspnea Scale Grade Description of Breathlessness 0 I only get breathless with strenuous exercise.
The RPE measured using the 6-20 Borg scale (Table 2) increased between the start and half-time (d=2.3) and between the start and end of the match simulation (d=3.6).
The primary outcome measures were dyspnoea (measured by modified Borg scale [12]) at isotime between Walk 1 and Walk 2 and dyspnoea at isotime between Acu-TENS and Sham-TENS.
The Borg scale for dyspnea and the legs and respiratory rate and blood pressure were monitored at the beginning and end of the exercise.
Table 3 demonstrates the mean heart rates, Borg scale values, and lactate serum levels for all participants before, during, and/or after the event.
Our results of BORG scale, for perceived exertion, showed lower values for the CafG group with 9 minutes from the start of the test (17.6 [+ or -] 2.52 PG and 15.75 [+ or -] 4.55 CafG p=0.22) although that was not a significant difference.
Issues in relation to the repeatability of and correlation between EMG and Borg scale assessments of neck muscle fatigue.
A modified Borg scale was used to measure perceived breathlessness/dyspnea (1,6,24,69).
Moderate intensity was assessed with the use of the BORG scale (rate of perceived exertion).
The Borg scale has 15 numerical options from six to 20 with descriptive terms relating to the perceived effort the worker selects.