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BOROUGH. An incorporated town; so called in the charter. It is less than a city. 1 Mann. & Gran. 1; 39 E. C. L. R. 323.

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He is the chief dignitary of the borough, and the very pigs look up to him with a sentiment of reverence.
The good people of the borough had scarcely a chance, however, to get their eyes thoroughly open, when, just as it wanted half a minute of noon, the rascal bounced, as I say, right into the midst of them; gave a chassez here, and a balancez there; and then, after a pirouette and a pas-de-zephyr, pigeon-winged himself right up into the belfry of the House of the Town Council, where the wonder-stricken belfry-man sat smoking in a state of dignity and dismay.
Let us proceed in a body to the borough, and restore the ancient order of things in Vondervotteimittiss by ejecting that little fellow from the steeple.
In the meantime, the noble behavior of "Old Charley Goodfellow, had doubly endeared him to the honest citizens of the borough.
Indeed, half the borough was there, -- I myself among the number, -- but, much to the vexation of the host, the Chateau-Margaux did not arrive until a late hour, and when the sumptuous supper supplied by "Old Charley" had been done very ample justice by the guests.
With the deadline looming less than a month away, members of a Los Angeles City Council panel Tuesday asked for more information about all their options to put a measure creating boroughs in the city on the Nov.
Before the consolidation of the boroughs in 1898, Downtown Brooklyn was literally at the epicenter of the city, and its moniker, "downtown," has endured.
Beginning in 1909 with the Harbor communities of San Pedro and Wilmington, reluctant neighborhoods were drawn into Los Angeles with assurances written into the City Charter they could soon form boroughs with real powers akin to small cities, including the right to authorize taxes, request special bonds and control their own money.
The Challenge, sponsored by Foot Locker, is a race within a race at the New York Marathon where the fastest runner from each of the five boroughs competes against the others to see who will complete the marathon first.
Demand for moderately-priced housing in the boroughs, especially in areas once beyond the pale by property developers, is forecast to continue rising, according to urban policy analysts.
To that end, he's open to a positive breakup alternative: Create boroughs that break the insiders' stranglehold on power and empower neighborhoods to control their own destiny.
Entitled "The Borough Presidents Forum: An Inside Look At The Outer Boroughs," the event was headlined by a discussion led by Shimon Shkury, president of Ariel Property Advisors, with Borough President Eric Adams of Brooklyn and Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.