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There was also a cup of rare workmanship which the old man had brought with him from home, studded with bosses of gold; it had four handles, on each of which there were two golden doves feeding, and it had two feet to stand on.
The Cohesive Power of Public Plunder quietly remarked that the two bosses would, he supposed, naturally be his share.
At first the machine bosses charged the master capitalists extortionate tolls for legislation; but in a short time the master capitalists found it cheaper to own the political machines themselves and to hire the machine bosses.
Whose bridle rang with golden bells and bosses brave.
Look at your brother, a-runnin' around to socialist meetin's, an' chewin' hot air, an' diggin' up extra strike dues to the union that means so much bread out of the mouths of his children, instead of makin' good with his bosses.
But it was enough to have terrified a bolder man than I; and, indeed, it alarmed all our company, when, with the noise of Friday's pistol, we heard on both sides the most dismal howling of wolves; and the noise, redoubled by the echo of the mountains, appeared to us as if there had been a prodigious number of them; and perhaps there was not such a few as that we had no cause of apprehension: however, as Friday had killed this wolf, the other that had fastened upon the horse left him immediately, and fled, without doing him any damage, having happily fastened upon his head, where the bosses of the bridle had stuck in his teeth.
Hales was recorded giving graphic accounts of killing Bosse and then setting her body on fire in an abandoned garbage dump near Martensville.
Mae'r llun yn dangos Hitler yn ymweld chlinig yn Lutherstadt Wittenberg lle'r oedd Paul Bosse yn gweithio.
For the sixth year in a row, the family of the late Daleen Bosse walked and ran in her honour across part of Saskatchewan from July 12-14.
You could argue that if Grant Bosse wins the Republican primary in the 2nd Congressional District, it would be a blast from the past.
This story began in 2005 when Jim Bosse, Bruce's father, was driving past one of his southeast North Dakota cornfields.
Instead, Bosse was inspired by the words of noted restaurateur Danny Meyer, CEO and founder of Union Square Hospitality Group, when he said you get your greatest gratitude when you give to others.