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BOTE, contracts A recompense, satisfaction, amends, profit or advantage : hence came the word man-bote, denoting a compensation for a man slain; house-bote, cart-bote, plough-bote, signify that a tenant is privileged to cut wood for these uses. 2 Bl. Com. 35; Woodf. L. & T. 232.

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In terms of BOTE, the increase in infrastructure spending can be represented by a rise in G.
No fur i ne velede, ne me sei in pis place, Bote nou ich it verst ise, ihered be godes grace.
X Ac y wol lacky no lyf, qd pat lady sothly N Bote y wyl spare no lyf, qd [p.
In the pageants of the Resurrection, Mary Magdalene notices that "of ilke a mysche ue [Christ] is medicyne/ And bote of all" (York, 38.
At a sprynge-wel vnder a thorn, ther was bote of bale, a lytel here a-forn; ther by-syde stant a mayde, Fulle of loue y-bounde.
Tenders are invited for Drilling Deep of 250 mm diameter, bore bote by Direct Rotary / Reverse Rotary Method of drilling to an average depth of 65mtr BGL including lowering of ERW casing ppe of
Produced by Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Pro, SharePoint Pro and Dev Pro, the BOTE Awards recognize the innovative products and services showcased at Microsoft TechEd North America 2012.
58) ne paer naening witena wenan porfte beorhtre bote to banan folmum.
Although the leper is |suype grislich' the narrator also reports that he |hadde zare sik ibe & ne mizte no bote ualle' (104).
Segun a Paul Mendieta, director de publicidad etnica para Coors Brewing Company "El comercial funciona porque utiliza el reconocimiento del brillo del bote de Coors Light en un contexto donde que los jovenes latinos se pueden identificar.
Tenders are invited for Construction of Road from Bote Sakra Gaon Uper Bajrangbali Mandir To Niche Gawali Road
1440 Morte (1819) 34 To the bote they yede with oute Arth.