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Close to 150 attacks by Somali pirates on foreign ships were reported in 2008, most of them in the Gulf of Aden, where 16,000 ships bottle-neck into the Red Sea each year on one of the world's busiest maritime trade routes.
ThermaBlocks are seamless pre-finished blocks that reportedly reduce mold temperature by 10%, resulting in less bottle-neck ovality, reduced warpage, and less scrap.
Whether the journey from then on is memorable depends almost entirely on whether Network Rail and the Government can ever agree to add additional track and platforms in order to get rid of the bottle-neck effect of trains queuing to enter the confined station as it currently exists.
The new bottles now have the word vodka underneath the brand logo as well as on the bottle-neck, where it has been given greater prominence than before.
Analysts at Landsbanki Securities said waste companies benefited from long-term visibility on contracts and a bottle-neck on environmental projects as the UK attempts to meet EU landfill targets.
The idea is to replace the mini- roundabout and traffic lights at the notorious bottle-neck near the Dumb Steeple at Cooper Bridge with a larger `gyratory system' with traffic lights.
The "BottleAcan" is a bottle-neck shaped prosthetic that can be fitted onto an open beer can, instantly classing it up.
He said the bottle-neck was caused by the slow rate of traffic filtering onto Marton Road.
The upcoming retirement of the baby boomers will create a bottle-neck condition in the labor market.
Since all I/O within the virtualization domain needs to go through the in-band device, it can become a bottle-neck, either in terms of bandwidth or processing power.