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The landing page experience was completely overhauled to capture their excitement over their new purchase, and featured a product banner and specific on-page messaging along with a product recommendation grid, resulting in a huge impact -- bounce rate dropped 35 percent and add-to-cart rate rose 10 percent.
SLI Systems, a worldwide e-commerce provider for mid- to large-size Internet retailers and B2B sites, shares how it is helping companies in this market sector improve revenues via lower bounce rates, higher session-duration times and increased conversion rates.
The site with the longest time of engagement, average pages per visit, and lowest bounce rate was YouTube.
Mercedes-Benz's website specially created for the Middle East region, within the first three months since its launch the site has registered a significant increase in visitors, a low bounce rate and considerably high number of pages visited in comparison to other luxury automotive brands in the region.
In Google Analytics, a Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions on your website.
The company looks at bounce rate, how long people stay on different parts of site, when it might make sense to suggest a chat, and what kind of human resources the company needs in place to support chat.
This optimization both succeeded in establishing new, organic search results and reducing the high bounce rate.
Eight minutes bounce rate means they are going from page to page, which means they are registering for events.
But a large number of bounced emails, also known as the bounce rate, can also hurt all future email communications as well.
A bounce rate is basically how many people land on a given page and do not take action on any link within that page.
Ve is a multi award-winning technology company offering a suite of apps across one platform, which help online businesses successfully drive new traffic, reduce bounce rate, increase customer engagement and minimize website abandonment.
WEST MIDLANDS, England, March 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- INTERNET RETAILING EXPO -- Predator Nutrition, Europe's leading online retailer of bodybuilding supplements and sports nutrition, has seen its online revenue from site search increase 104%, with a conversion rate increase and a bounce rate decrease of 28% after implementing site search technology from SLI Systems(SLI.