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Country: United States of America
State: Florida

I have recently found out that a check I wrote over a year ago bounced and never got paid and that I have a warrant out for my arrest. the amount of the check was $302.00 and I am currently unable to pay it. I was working and was supposed to get a paycheck that never came. my question is what am I looking at? jail time? I am worried about the situation and how I should go about handling it


If you show it was an accident and you did not know, jail time is not likely--
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According to Ministry of Justice figures, there were about 18,700 cases last year of enforcement proceedings related to bounced checks, mainly because of insufficient funds.
Singer Aliya Parcs called out actress Bianca Lapus about owing her money from alleged bounced checks worth more than P130,000.
The United Arab Emirates treats bounced checks as a criminal offense.
The cabinet reviewed the message of the minister of justice about the final report on the study of the phenomenon of bounced checks, and the ministry of justice's views in this regard; and took appropriate decisions.
As key priorities for 2018, following topics were shortlisted to address; Artificial intelligence and robotics, KYC case on Blockchain, Banks finance handbook for SMEs, Regulatory challenges, Fraud Information Sharing Platform, HR Platform and System, Payments Hub, Development of Domestic Inter-Bank Repo Market, Financial Literacy Digital Application, Single Data Exchange Network (Blockchain), open ended guarantees and decriminalisation of bounced checks, and Implementation of VAT & IFRS9.
Among the problems were bounced checks, really big bounced checks that resulted in six-figure overdrafts.
Bounced checks fell by a yearly 4.5% in value and by an annual 3.0% in number in 2016.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The total face value of bounced checks written in the first 11 months of this year showed a 42 percent rise over the same period a year ago, figures released by the Turkish Banks Union (TBB) Risk Center have shown.
The CFPB announced on Monday that it is taking enforcement action against a company that allegedly used intimidation tactics to collect debts for bounced checks.
It could also fight the phenomenon of bounced checks and reduce repayment periods for the taxpayer, and contribute to a reduction in the cost of debt servicing.
It could help when you try to make a case with a bank, for instance, to avoid paying endless fees over bounced checks written after depositing a phony check.