Bounced check

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Country: United States of America
State: Florida

I have recently found out that a check I wrote over a year ago bounced and never got paid and that I have a warrant out for my arrest. the amount of the check was $302.00 and I am currently unable to pay it. I was working and was supposed to get a paycheck that never came. my question is what am I looking at? jail time? I am worried about the situation and how I should go about handling it


If you show it was an accident and you did not know, jail time is not likely--
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The annual percentage rates may well be sky-high, but payday loans are often less expensive than the alternatives: bounced check fees or illegal loan sharks.
Include clauses in your vacancy leases that require tenant to pay specific legal fees, late charges and bounced check fees.
In compiling data from banks and thrifts under its "2009 Checking Study" completed in August, Bankrate found bounced check fees and tiered fee structures now average $29.
According to the petition, companies that submit a bounced check would pay a $25 fee plus the amount due that is equal to or less than $2,500.
The $5 I lose on bounced check fees from the bank is minor, especially if the check amount is large.
com as a top 10 and top 20 finance website, shows that emergency personal loans in the form of payday loans can actually be a better option than late, disconnections, bounced check, or overdraft protection fees.
12 in 1999 for receiving someone else's bounced check, up from $4.
The New York Federal Reserve Bank Staff Reports released the Defining and Detecting Predatory Lending study which showed that cash advance lenders offer better rates that previously thought, especially when compared to bounced check fees, late payments for credit cards and the financial consequences of missing bill payments.
And when faced with more expensive alternatives such as bounced check fees, or a necessary car repair, many Americans are left exploring options such as an online payday loan or title loan for the first time.
A Saline County man is trying to receive class-action status to test the legitimacy of bounced check fees at Arrest Bank.
It also provides the opportunity for additional income and saves customers the embarrassment of a bounced check.
Banks that once touted warm, fuzzy customer relations now are brazenly charging nearly $3 to use an ATM and more than $26 for a bounced check.