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The main card includes two title bouts, with 'Meatball' Molly McCann fighting for the World Flyweight title, Middleweight champion Lee Chadwick defending his belt and hometown hero Paddy 'The Baddy' making his long-awaited return to the octagon.
In other bouts in the 69kg category, Mmusi Tswiige of Prisons won 3-0 against Kagiso Ntoi of EMG, a bout between Lentswe Zwinila of Glen Valley and Omphile Shimako of EMG had to be stopped by referee to save the latter who could not handle the veteran boxer on the day.
It was Zoengmawia, Asha Roka, and Jitender Nandal who had given North East Tigers a 10-7 lead after five bouts as Basant Thapa and Ashish Ahlawat drew their bouts.
The response in India to my first two bouts has been overwhelming.
The full North East squad members are - Born 2002: P Talontino (Darlington) 29kg no bouts; B Morrison (Birtley) 29kg 1 bout won 1; PJ Holmes (Newbiggin) 30kg no bouts; CLQUINN (Horden) 32kg 4 bouts 4 wins; M McGuigan (Newbiggin) 38kg 3 bouts 3 wins; J Harkins (Newbiggin) 40kg 2 bouts won 1; J Stevens (Lambton Street) 42kg no bouts; R Suleman (Nat Progression) 51kg 1 bout no wins.
Unlike amateur boxing, competitors taking part in sanctioned World Series of Boxing bouts must be bare-chested and are not permitted to wear protective headgear.
They submitted subjects to two bouts of lower limb damaging exercise and reported no evidence of a cross-transfer effect.
It is hypothesized that functional walking endurance might be best described as low-intensity interval training, with many short-duration walking bouts strung together with short rest periods.
This study compared the fat metabolism between "a single bout of prolonged exercise" and "repeated bouts of exercise" of equivalent exercise intensity and total exercise duration.
Six weeks later, they each performed 4 work bouts of cycling at 120% of the initial VO2max, until exhaustion (after approximately 2 minutes).
Performing fire-fighting activities during multiple work bouts in the heat suggests that fire fighters may elicit higher heart rates and core body temperatures during a second work bout.