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For several weeks late last year, Boxie rolled around the MIT campus and, once it snared someone's attention, would, with a childlike innocence, ask to be picked up.
She and Dave had owned only two dogs before Boxie and had never considered participating in formal dog sports.
Although four dogs were safely rounded up by Ventura County Animal Regulation officers and Simi Valley police, Boxie eluded capture.
It was disappointing she could not maintain an early advantage when beaten into third behind Boxie last time, but she then went to Yarmouth and moved really well in a sprint trial which may just have had the effect of freshening her up.
Four were safely captured, but the fifth, a young, spirited canine named Little Boxie, was crushed underneath the wheels of two Simi Valley police cruisers.
Derby elimination Boxie should appreciate the step back up in trip in the 10.