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"If I disturb you, say so, and I'll go away," she began, pausing on the threshold with modest hesitation, for something in the elder boys' faces excited her curiosity.
In fact the wagon was so closely packed with boys of all ages that it looked like a box of sardines.
Joan and Sheldon, both armed, went through the barracks, house by house, the boss-boys assisting, and half a dozen messengers, in relay, shouting along the line the names of the boys wanted.
We purify the boys' bloods now and then, Nickleby.'
Franklin since he was a boy, living along with us in this house.
Bless his dear heart, he's been doing it all his life--helping poor boys, I mean, not getting rich, that he'll never be.
WHEN DAVID HARDY was a tall boy of fifteen, he, like his mother, had an adventure that changed the whole current of his life and sent him out of his quiet corner into the world.
Philip noticed that 'extras' gave boys a certain consideration and made up his mind, when he wrote to Aunt Louisa, to ask for them.
Day after day Kru boys, natives and Europeans down on their luck, came creeping in.
From Porter's they adjourned to Sally Harrowell's, where they found a lot of School-house boys waiting for the roast potatoes, and relating their own exploits in the day's match at the top of their voices.
,is that all?' said the fat boy, evidently very much relieved, as he pocketed the half-crown again.
Pollyanna was thinking of this now when suddenly she saw the boy.