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However, the use of the Braden scale occurs mostly in hospital settings and in a more systematic way in intensive care units, reflecting the lack of scientific research of its use in institutionalized elderly.
The majority of the clients in the audit were over 80 years of age and weighed under 60kg; over a third (35 percent) had a poor nutritional assessment against the Braden scale (indicating they did not generally meet their nutritional requirements), and most were not independently mobile.
Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment: The Braden Scale for Prediction Pressure Sore Risk.
Evidence about the sensitivity and validity of the Braden Scale is conflicting when used for people with darkly pigmented skin.
A non-experimental prospective study was done to analyse the validity of the three scales: the Braden scale, the Song and Choi scale and the Cubbin and Jackson scale to assess the patients at a university hospital SICU.
One of the published and commonly used pressure ulcer risk assessment instruments is the Braden Scale (Braden & Bergstrom, 1988).
The Braden scale has six subscales that correspond to intensity and duration of pressure and tissue tolerance for pressure.
Out of these six, the Norton and Waterlow scales were tested twice and the Braden scale on nine different occasions (Schoonhoven et al.
Past users of the Braden scale had raised questions about the meaning of descriptors for the pediatric population.
The Braden scale is incorporated into the scanner's software, so staff can ask the questions for that scale, which are right on the screen, and input the answers into the computer.