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Total Bragging Rights is a trademark of Totally Bragging Productions; YouTube is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.
It is the objective of this work to discuss the relevance of bragging rights to tourism management and marketing.
Most importantly this is primarily a social event, but the bragging rights are there to be won.
The Boro game is important in that it gives local people in the North East bragging rights for a while.
That good-natured rivalry often plays out between states as each wants to claim the bragging rights for its state tree or for a tree that's especially near and dear to its heart (the champ Kentucky coffeetree is in Ohio).
Maryland already claims bragging rights to black-eyed Susans, Oriole birds and Chesapeake Bay retrievers so isn't it only fair to add a cat to the mix?
Before long, you had to get a blockbuster of 5000, 6000, or even 9000 tons in order to earn any bragging rights.
The tower also gives Trump his coveted bragging rights, as the finished building will be the world's tallest residential structure.
Bragging rights go to the company with the latest in a series of firsts--first to market, first with the current top in areal density, first with a new low in acoustic output, and even first with proprietary drive diagnostics can earn a competitive advantage, all other things being equal.
The two companies have been jousting for bragging rights since Advanced Micro Devices, historically a maker of budget processors, released the Athlon last summer.
It's a big derby game and everybody wants to have the bragging rights.