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Analysis of brain abscess after penetrating craniocerebral injuries in Vietnam.
There are 10 cases of CVT and 2 cases of CVT with brain abscess secondary to CSOM in our study.
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Aspergillus flavus Brain Abscess in Immunocompetent Teenagers: A Case Series with Review of Literature.
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The cause of death was brain abscess in 57% patients, meningitis or cerebritis in 14% patients, and intracranial hemorrhage in 29% patients.
MR imaging showed a ring-enhancing lesion in the left frontotemporoparietal lobe, consistent with a brain abscess with significant perilesional edema (Figure 1).
Neurological complications of IE, occurring in 20-40% of cases, can be classified into the following categories: meningitis-encephalopathy, ischemic complications, cerebral hemorrhage, and brain abscess [1].
We report here computed tomography (CT) and the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings and serial image changes in a case of an acute ischemic stroke followed by intracerebral hemorrhage and brain abscess caused by systemic infection; to the best of our knowledge, this has not been reported in the literature before.