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Both, Brain damaged and Schizophrenia patients scored high on Bender Gestalt.
The sample consisted of 90 males including 30 each diagnosed as schizophrenics, brain damaged and normals.
Results of the present study are very close to the Pascal and Suttell (1951) description that the Bender protocols of brain damaged are more impaired as compared to psychotics and psychotics obtained a high score as compared to neurotics and neurotic obtained a high score as compared to normals.
Present study shows that circles, design rotation, perseveration, design missing, retrogression and bizarre drawings are the deviation patterns, which are reflected in the protocols of schizophrenics with the high means as compared to the brain damaged patients.
In July, it was revealed that four women gave birth at Forth Park to dead or brain damaged children.
She said of the 16 cases she knew about, four babies had died and many of the others were brain damaged.
Sean later formed the Brain Damaged Children's Charity to help children just liKe Travis.
And as word of the Brain Damaged Children's Charity spreads they hope more children will benefit.
A series of mistakes during his post-operative care left him severely brain damaged.
Cameron's grandparents, Sheila and Gill Currie, have been raising money for the Clifton House Association for Brain Damaged Children, so far collecting about pounds 900.
Eanna was brain damaged while his twin brother Michael was healthy.
She was rushed to hospital but claimed the wrong treatment led to her being brain damaged.