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This can precipitate fatal brain herniation, and therefore all patients at risk of convulsions should receive anticonvulsants.
Cerebral edema and a transtentorial brain herniation syndrome associated with pandemic swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection.
The next day we saw the ambulances and police cars and heard she had died of a brain herniation which was a horrible shock.
Kraig Moore, the chief resident of neurosurgery at the hospital, who diagnosed massive brain herniation.
The cause of death was severe cerebral edema with brain herniation due to acute hyponatremia (Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada, 2009).
However, neurocysticercosis may manifest with life-threatening complications such as cerebral edema, infarct, hydrocephalus, or brain herniation.
These patients may present with less severe symptoms and have a lower risk of brain herniation.