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The empyema may rapidly increase in size and eventually lead to brain herniation. Our physicians should maintain a high level of awareness of interhemispheric SDE, which requires immediate medical and surgical intervention.
A recent study by Papangelou et al (12) builds upon this evidence and examined pupillometer values in the setting of transtentorial brain herniation. In a case study of 3 patients, serial pupillometer data were compared with clinical observations, diagnosis, and treatment of transtentorial brain herniation.
Tension pneumocephalus causing brain herniation after endoscopic sinus surgery.
For preventing brain herniation, cartilage support to the sinodural angle was provided by drilling holes via a 0.6 mm burr into the healthy bone around the dural defect and fixing with prolene sutures.
Muehlschlegel, "Rapid unexpected brain herniation in association with renal replacement therapy in acute brain injury: caution in the neurocritical care unit," Neurocritical Care, vol.
Brain tomography scans showed an area of bone discontinuity of the orbital roof with brain herniation and a CSF leak into the eyelid (Figure 2).
The concern is that, if a lumbar puncture is done in a patient with increased intracranial pressure, then brain herniation could occur.
Opening of these channels can lead to oedema, midline shift, increased intracranial pressure and brain herniation, culminating in permanent disability or death.
The large sized swellings may have significant brain herniation, abnormality of the underlying brain, microcephaly and ventriculomegaly.
Parameters recorded were mortality, neurological outcome / complications like brain herniation, wound dehiscence, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak, contusion expansion, sinking flap syndrome, subdural hygromas and hydrocephalus.
After 6 days, he died from a brain herniation and hemorrhage.
Brain computed tomography (CT) showed enlarging cerebral hematoma and brain herniation [Figure 1]b].