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Pretreatment of silymarin, but not silibinin, dose-dependently (1, 5, and 10[mu]g/kg) reduced the CI/R-induced brain infarction by 16-40% (Table 1, one-way ANOVA, p < 0.
The study found that people who were among the bottom 25 percent of performers on the Trail Making Test B were three times more likely to have a stroke or a brain infarction compared to those who scored among the top 25 percent of performers on the test.
The brain infarction core evaluation method implementation can find all suitable pairs by simple querying the database system with conditions of one CTA examination, one NCCT examination belonging to the same patient and acquired in the same day.
Induction of reproducible brain infarction by photochemically initiated thrombosis.
Data presented at the meeting show that CRF(1) receptor antagonists reduce brain infarction in a preclinical model of middle cerebral artery occlusion.
The duration, severity and location of focal cerebral ischemia determine the extent of brain infarction and thus, the severity of the stroke.
Society is no longer experiencing the effects of dementia only in senior care facilities and nursing homes, but now we are experiencing Alzheimer's, Picks, Myocardial Brain Infarction and alcohol related impairments, all a subset of dementia, in our workplaces, community based organizations, religious organizations, and even retail businesses," continued Beville.

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