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State Pathologist Professor Marie Cassidy told the court she concluded the baby died from brain trauma from which he would not have recovered.
This study offers "one more good example of the nongenetic association between brain trauma and Alzheimer's disease," says neuroscientist Douglas H.
The blood flow was blocked, causing the respiratory syndrome and side effects including brain trauma, Scott said.
The study could be important for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, who are victims of brain trauma despite improvements in helmets and armour.
The classic example of this is brain trauma caused by shaking an infant.
Vladan Visnjevac, 55, allegedly made three attempts to pull out Hollie Dinning before the fourth massive tug with forceps that crushed the baby's skull, causing massive brain trauma.
With such an understanding, it may eventually be possible to tailor appropriate treatments to patients, such as stroke victims or those with serious brain trauma, who may not even understand their own conditions.
John Alcock, 44, who was on royal protection duties at Balmoral, suffered severe brain trauma.
The researchers also reported some initial findings that indicated a similar damage response mechanism takes place following traumatic brain injury, suggesting the possibility that similar therapeutic agents could be developed to enhance repair both for sudden brain trauma and for progressive neurodegenerative diseases.
She suffered severe brain trauma but could have survived if she had received medical treatment.