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When the participants' brain waves are attuned to this alpha frequency, to their great surprise they are easily able to perform those psychic feats mentioned above.
What's more, the researchers found, these different types of behavior are accompanied by different patterns of brain waves.
Our study tells us that a large proportion of these changes may occur during very short and repetitive brain waves called spindles.
They saw brain waves moving slowly in opposite directions, likely coming from separate places in the brain.
Their brain waves were monitored over a period of 16 months through electroencephalograms (EEGs) combined with video footage, Medical Xpress reported.
While exhibiting REM-like brain waves, the dragons' eyes flicked, a convincing sign that lizards sleep like mammals, Shein-Idelson says.
All these Brain waves will be sensed by the brain wave sensor and it will convert the data into packets and transmit through Bluetooth medium.
When discussing peak performance, special attention is given to the alpha brain waves due to their important role in this area.
Neurologist Dr An Do, of the University of California, said: "Even after years of paralysis the brain can still generate robust brain waves that can be harnessed to enable basic walking.
An MRI scan in Edinburgh on Friday found brain waves but doctors say she has a significant brain injury.
In the past few years, scientists and developers have learned how to tap into brain waves and use them for external purposes.
The theory is that this syncs the brain waves in both hemispheres, a process dubbed "brain-wave entrainment.