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To limit support only to a candidate who proposes all the progressive changes of a radical minority in a country of a misinformed, brain-washed, and brain-dead vast majority is naive, divisive, and disruptive of any mass movement.
I had no illusion about the attention level of people brain-washed to triviality," Van Peebles continued.
WITH regard to the BBC's advert promoting its Freeview service, now that we have all been suitably brain-washed is there any hope of a break from the hard sell?
An unfortunate blunder, given that he speaks of a technique explicitly used to unscramble brain-washed cultists!
We were brain-washed into believing that Prince Naseem Hamed could be a true great - because we never saw just how dangerous the other contenders in his division were.
The reality is that he was not "brain-washed" by a few websites and he did not make his journey alone.
This wouldn't really matter but for the fact that the brain-washed graduates go on to work in local council highways departments, government departments and various quangos that have a detrimental impact on our everyday lives.
We're so brain-washed by the teachings of a particular denomination that we forget we're first and foremost Christians.
The country and its people worked hard to earn this status which should not go in vain because of some loose cannons in society - funded, aided and brain-washed by a third country.
From a very early age we are brain-washed that milk is magnificent for kids.
Yet again are we Toon fans to be brain-washed this coming season or endure another season's betrayal by a bunch of players who are so average at the game they should be investigated for fraud?