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Nurses and GPs have been brain-washing us patients into believing that they have the right to force blood tests on us first.
My method - if you can call it that - was a combination of self-induced brain-washing, by forcing an entrance into that part of the brain where untold numbers of happy memories are stored, and by mentally recounting examples of the many millions who had died bravely in far worse circumstances than mine.
Or could the reason behind the horrendous crime be Alan's brain-washing subjection to her constant bible-bashing or even her husband's dismissal of anything fun-loving such as a television?
There's a catchy little ditty that blares out of the tannoy system every five minutes or so which is actually a mass brain-washing device.
Make no mistake, when I say ``politically correct,'' I mean PC in the worst possible sense - as in indoctrination, as in brain-washing, as in organized group-think disguised as ``education.
Critics say Scientology is a dangerous movement which uses brain-washing techniques on its members.
Amid anger over Mr Reid's call for Muslim parents to look out for the signs of brain-washing in their children in the fight against terrorism, Izzadeen interrupted the Home Secretary and launched into an angry tirade.
HOLLYWOOD star Alec Baldwin has accused Kim Basinger of brain-washing their daughter - using chocolate.
Rhys williams last night revealed a brain-washing session had given him the confidence to re-ignite his Test career with a stunning try double during Wales' Six Nations victory over Scotland.
Thomas's non-fiction investigation into brain-washing, Journey Into Madness, has suddenly taken on a life of its own.
My favourite pub is The Casa on Hope Street, the home of the sacked dockers, who will erase from your memory all the political brain-washing from Tory Boy Frank Lampard.
I s Ford trying to pick off UK plants one by one in some kind of American brain-washing exercise?