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BRANCH. This is a metaphorical expression, which designates, in the genealogy of a numerous family, a portion of that family which has sprang from the same root or stock; these latter expressions, like the first, are also metaphorical.
     2. The whole of a genealogy is often called the genealogical tree; and sometimes it is made to take the form of a tree, which is in the first place divided into as many branches as there are children, afterwards into as many branches as there are grand-children, then of great grandchildren, &c. If, for example, it be desired to have a genealogical tree of Peter's family, Peter will be made the trunk of the tree; if he has had two children, John and James, their names will be written on the first two branches; which will themselves shoot out as many smaller branches as John and James have children; from these other's proceed, till the whole family is represented on the tree; thus the origin, the application, and the use of the word branch in genealogy will be at once perceived.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The branch office will accept deposits, withdrawals, and offer transfers and opening on new accounts.
They ensure branch office administrators have flexibility, too, whether employing a mix of full-time and part-time branch office administrators or using trained on-call substitutes to fill in.
He said that in transactions like this, Head Office would be incurring avoidable expenditure like setting up branch offices, cost incurred at offices to manage the operations of branches, recruitment of personnel to be employed at branch offices, provision of advices and consultancy between the head office and branches and all these expenses will come under the ambit of GST.
The objective in establishing the branch offices is to strengthen alliances with local app developers.
TENDER : Supply of security and technical equipment for the Directorate and all its branch offices in various regions.
Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy has opened its 35 township branch offices in Yangon, according to an official source.
All told, Manhattan Mortgage Company, which was founded in 1985 by its Chairwoman/CEO Melissa Cohn, now has 14 branch offices in five states, including Florida and New Jersey
Those who defined their IT organizations as "bleeding edge" tend to have the smallest number of branch locations, but the largest percentage of growth in their branch offices, and the largest number of virtual workers.
Leclerc: Our current foreign clients are typically small- to medium-sized firms, but include Tokyo branch offices of foreign multinationals and large international investment banks.
While "Box" approaches to WAN optimization are challenges in logistics, simply don't scale, aren't flexible, and are cost prohibitive in addressing the wide range of access requirements demanded by today's restless mobile users, AcceleNet does scale in performance from accelerating applications for one remote mobile user at home or in the field to thousands of users based in large branch offices where the need for high speed mobile access is also a key business and productivity enabler.
Adams, PO Box 1931, Amarillo, TX 79189; 806/374-5333, FAX: 806/372-7040 Branch offices: 1201 N.W.

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