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BRANCHES. Those solid parts of trees which grow above the trunk.
     2. In general the owner of a tree is the owner of the branches; but when they grow beyond his line, and extend over the adjoining estate, the proprietor of the latter may cut them off as far as they grow over his land. Rolle's R. 394.; 3 Bulst. 198. But as this nuisance is one of omission, and, as in the case of such nuisances, it is requisite to give notice before abating them, it would be more prudent, and perhaps necessary, to give notice to the owner of the tree to remove such nuisance. 1 Chit. Pr. 649, 650, 652. See Root; Tree.

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Brancher's headquarters in Tremblay-les-Villages, France, and its Polish subsidiary, Brancher Central Europe Co.
List of key industry participants: 3H Lacke, Arch Chemicals, BASF, BASF Coatings AG, Bayer Materials Science, Becker Acroma, Becker Industrial Coatings, Brancher, BYK-Chemie, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Clariant Pigments and Additives, Cognis, Cray Valley (Sartomer), Cytec Surface Specialties, Degussa, Dow Chemicals, DSM Resins, DuPont, Dymax, Electra Polymers, Emerson & Cuming, Eques Coatings, Flint Group, Fusion UV, Gerber Coburn, Govesan, Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Humiseal, Lackwerke Peters, Lamberti, Loctite Corporation, PPG, Schmid-Rhyner, Sericol, Sicpa-Siegwerk, Sonneborn & Rieck, Sony Chemicals, Sun Chemicals, Tamura Kaken, Tayio, Valspar
Heureusement ou malheureusement, on est toujours bien naif quand on entreprend un terrain et j'ai donc pu (apres avoir constate qu'il etait impossible de recruter << hors ligne >>, pour une entrevue de recherche, des internautes pratiquant le bavardage electronique) me brancher a un canal de bavardage, convaincue que je pourrais aisement y recruter d'eventuels participants et mener a bien le genre de recherche que j'avais l'intention de faire.
Many women contributed to putting these hermeneutical guidelines together: Elsa Tamez, Mercedes Brancher, Ana Maria Rizzante Gallazzi, Nancy Cardoso Pereira, Rebeca Montemayor, Irene Foulkes, Alicia Winters, Luz Gimenez, Debora Garcia, Violeta Rocha, Josefina Caviedes, Maribel Pertuz, Veronica Rozzotto.
Portion of the added PMPl may react with only one particular blend component as a chain extender or chain brancher, and such product is unable to function as a compatibilizer.
It is the peppertree, the valley oak, the banyan, the boojum, the pulmeria, the piociana, the date palm's ten-thousand flowers in a cluster, the Norway maple's springtime shatter, its yellow lights as rainshadow, it is the Santa Cruz Mountains madrone axed by a man with no knowledge of good or evil--that red brancher which the landowners, out of onus (but not knowledge) toward Good (because he had five children) allowed to be replaced with a liquidambar, mere furniture, that didn't know the mountain, instead of suing him--thereby losing knowledge, true goodness, sacrificing the peeling revelation of the madrone, its white depending olla blossoms, even the miller worms that swing on gossamer (rain become flesh).
America with Toyo Ink America II-86INX International's Sheetfed Inks Receives EcoLogo(TM) Certification II-86Merck Inks Agreement with Seiko Epson II-86Suzhou Kingswood Printing Inks Takes Over Brancher II-86Rutland Holdings Takes Over Sociedad Quimica Alemana II-87Superior Printing Ink Takes Over Ink Makers II-87
Also Looking For Glenys Cour is a work in progress by Norwegian photographer Toril Brancher until June 2 AE101: 13 is a fine art degree show featuring the work of 24 emerging artists on themes such as child labour exploitation, sleepwalking and time travel @ Swansea Metropolitan University, Dynevor Campus, from tomorrow until June 1 Pedwar is an exhibition by final-year students from Swansea Metropolitan's School of Glass @ National Waterfront Museum from tomorrow until June 17 TREGARON Mur fy Mebyd - Ceredigion on canvas features 30 paintings by Wynne Melville Jones @ Oriel Rhiannon until July 31 USK An exhibition of work by Cardiff-based artist Mel Burgum @ Gallery In The Square until June 15 | Please check with venue before travelling
The recent explosion in the prices of raw materials has led Brancher, in collaboration with an industrial partner, to develop a strategic project intended to consolidate its position in the French and international markets.
We are doing things in this technology that simply were not possible in the past," said chief executive Carl Brancher.
The project is run by Dr Lesley Hodgson, who runs the University of Glamorgan scheme Glamorgan Gates, along with photographer Toril Brancher.
Il apparait donc que la problematique de la globalisation culturelle est etroitement liee, d'une part, a celle du modele etranger qui s'impose et est assimile dans un espace autochtone et, d'autre part, a celle de la perspective de cet espace autochtone qui accepte ou non de se brancher au monde, de maniere plus ou moins creative, en consommant, en assimilant et en produisant des valeurs universelles.

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