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BRANCHES. Those solid parts of trees which grow above the trunk.
     2. In general the owner of a tree is the owner of the branches; but when they grow beyond his line, and extend over the adjoining estate, the proprietor of the latter may cut them off as far as they grow over his land. Rolle's R. 394.; 3 Bulst. 198. But as this nuisance is one of omission, and, as in the case of such nuisances, it is requisite to give notice before abating them, it would be more prudent, and perhaps necessary, to give notice to the owner of the tree to remove such nuisance. 1 Chit. Pr. 649, 650, 652. See Root; Tree.

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Cruz, Laguna - Branch 91; San Pablo City - Branch 23; Calamba City - Branches 35 and 92; Lucena City - Branches 57 and 58; Antipolo City -Branches 97 and 100; San Mateo, Rizal - Branch 76, Morong, Rizal - Branch 80; Binangonan, Rizal - Branch 67; Puerto Princesa City - Branches 49 and 52; Legaspi City - Branches 2 and 10; Ligao City - Branch 11; Tabaco City - Branch 18; Naga City - Branches 19, 61, and 62; Libmanan, Camarines Norte - Branch 29, Pili, Camarines Sur - Branch 31;
For hybrid entities, the entity's books and records control; unlike the rule for branches, interest expense of the domestic owner is not attributed to the hybrid owner.
17) Delany had worked particularly close with the New York Branch to effect better working relations between it and the National Office, but he detected only deep resentment on the part of the latter for "attempting to revitalize the effectiveness of the Association and to bring the branches and the National Office into closer harmony.
Based on a review of these and other facts of record, the Board finds that commenter's allegations concerning Bank's level of service and convenience of branches in the Rocky Mount area do not warrant denial of the proposal.
On the other hand, scores of homes are saved each year as a result of judicious pruning and landscaping that removes flammable vegetation such as dead wood and low branches.
There are no branches, and the geniculate ganglion is not yet present (figure 5).
Not too giddy to remember what a public library is supposed to be about, Reverend Healy took time out from the shrimp to speak of five-year-olds who at that moment might be reading comic books in one of the South Bronx branches, taking the tentative first step toward the liberation offered by great books.
Also approved by the BSP were new branches and offices of rural and cooperative banks, as follows: East West Rural Bank Inc.
Other library branches not funded by the bond include:
And even though library officials have boosted staffing at the open branches, added bookmobile routes and promoted the automated checkout system, patrons are still ruffled.
QCSB operated eleven full-service branches and two customer service centers in neighborhood convenience stores.
165(a) abandonment loss deductions in connection with the subsequent sale of the acquired branches.

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