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4) One of them has been suggested by Poswillo, who claims that the cause would be a vascular disruption causing bleeding during embryologic formation of the stapedial artery, accompanied with alterations in the development of the first and the second branchial arches.
This was particularly true for the jaws and branchial arches.
aureus uses crossflow filtration rather than deadend sieving or hydrosol filtration to retain suspended food particles inside the oropharyngeal cavity as filtrate exits between the gill rakers and between the branchial arches.
37) By the 4th week of embryonic life, 4-paired mesodermal arches are apparent externally, with smaller 5th and 6th branchial arches not well visualized.
When the fish eggs hatched, the two found the branchial arches - bits of cartilage that support the gills and correspond to parts of the jaw in humans - appeared altered.
The visceral arches include the mandibular arch, constituted by the mandibular and hyoidean arches and the branchial arches which sustains the gills.
However, interactions between rhombomeric segments of the hindbrain, neural crest cells, and branchial arches are thought to be influenced by overlapping expression domains of Hox genes; moreover, the anterior-posterior patterning of the head is regulated by a Hox code in the branchial region (Hunt et al.
It results from an aberrant development of the 1st and 2nd branchial arches.
1) Those 2 cases were associated with Goldenhar syndrome, a hereditary disorder characterized by several abnormalities that affect the first and the second branchial arches.