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TO BRAND. An ancient mode of punishment, which was to inflict a mark on an offender with a hot iron. This barbarous punishment has been generally disused.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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H4: Plain packages that do not feature brand imagery will have stronger effects than branded packages on smokers' behavioral intentions by: reducing their desire to buy a tobacco pack (H4a) or take a cigarette from a plain pack (H4b), increasing quitting intentions (H4c) and intentions to decrease tobacco consumption (H4d), and increasing the likelihood they will hide the pack in front of family, friends, and children (H4e).
"I really wanted to have our brand imagery tie in with the product," Hassett says.
In 2014 the restaurant became the first in its industry to enter into a brand licensing agreement with Ford Motor Company, granting it rights to the iconic blue oval logo and Ford's brand imagery including archived historical photographs, images of vehicles, and actual Model-Ts.
For cigarettes, pictorial health warnings reduce the space available for brand imagery elements and increase attention to health warnings, (20,22) while plain package use dissolves brand imagery characteristics and further increases consumers' attention to health warnings, (4) which leads to the expectation that:
Through Travelport Smartpoint, agents have access to the ATPCO offering and much more, including detailed information on SWISS' cabins, brand imagery and product descriptions.
Gravells has recently adopted the 'Renault Store' concept with emphasis on brand imagery, customer service and information.
The added value and benefits of LYCRA(R) fiber will be signalled to consumers through new hangtags and brand imagery. The iconic LYCRA(R) brand logo is supported by vibrant versatile new imagery and designs in a range of stylish retail merchandising and advertising materials articulated through the campaign LYCRA(R) MOVES YOU.
One cannot compromise on brand imagery for performance only.
That law--the Tobacco Plain Packaging Act--requires unattractive plain packaging and graphic health advisories on any tobacco products sold in Australia, while banning the "use of logos, brand imagery, and promotional text." It also imposes strict limitations on the use of brand names.
"One of the key things is if you're not protecting your brand imagery, then you're opening yourself up to more because other people see it and are encouraged by it," says Jeremy Goldman, founder and CEO of management consultancy Firebrand Group and author of Going Social: Excite Customers, Generate Buzz, and Energize Your Brand With the Power of Social Media.
In other statements on brand imagery such as call connections and quality, SMS transmission, signal quality, coverage, load sending and receiving, Globe was at par with its rival, the company said, citing Nielsen's results.
The law bans the use of logos, brand imagery, symbols, other images, colours and promotional text.