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BRANDY. A spirituous liquor made of wine by distillation. See stat. 22 Car. H. c. 4.

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Monica and Brandy celebrated Whitney Houston's birthday on Instagram that only reignited their rift.
Brandys reports directly to CBS Radio COO Scott Herman.
Typologicky klasifikacni system OHUL Brandys nad Labem [online], Brandys nad Labem: OHOL, 1987 [vid.
P Lance happy birthday mate hope ur (sic) having a brandy with the angels.
None of the artists I grew up with were brats - the Ushers, the Brandys, the TLCs.
Por tanto para mi la jerarquia literaria de Jerzy Andrezjewski, Witold Gombrowicz o Kazimierz Brandys va a ser la que marque Pitol.
Most of the concerts are held in Prague, some of them in nearby Brandys nad Labem, or in Cesky Krumlov or Policka.
Samson was adapted from a novel by Kazimierz Brandys that adhered to the party line--viewing Communism as a bulwark against nationalism and Nazism during the War.
BEATLE WEEK: Music from The Aspreys, Det Betales, Los Escarabjos, Acoustic Beatles, Clube Big Beatles, Los Brandys, Ralf Gauck, The Shouts, Sir Frankie Crisp, Wingsbanned, Taylor Made Fable, The Persuaders, Gary Quinn and Tony Murtagh.
Anna Bikont and Joanna Szczesna have amassed an impressive amount of material tracing the postwar career of, for the most part, six writers: Adam Wazyk, Jerzy Andrzejewski, Kazimierz Brandys, Wiktor Woroszylski, Tadeusz Borowski and Tadeusz Konwicki.
She compares the work of Kazimierz Brandys on exile as punishment and liberation with that of Brian Moore, Marek Hlasko's fiction on estrangement at the moral, cultural and communal levels with that of Desmond Hogan, and Stansilaw Baranczak's poetry of intellectual dissidence with that of Paul Muldoon.
Brandys nad Labem, Czech Republic: Nursing Secondary School and College Mills; 2002.