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BRANDY. A spirituous liquor made of wine by distillation. See stat. 22 Car. H. c. 4.

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To further address this exciting Chinese market, Genteon has entered into a distribution agreement with Beijing Genosys Tech-Trading Company, a specialist in the field of life sciences research products, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu," said Brandys.
The subject of public procurement is a complete supply of interior equipment within the new building kindergarten in Brandys nad Labem.
Recorded: 2/2006, Chapel of the Chateau of Brandys nad Labem.
Then try Pudding Hill, Berks with Custards in Hants and wash it all down with Baileys, Essex or Brandys, Cornwall.
Pascal Brandys, co-founder and president of Biobank, is currently the acting CEO of Iguazu.
com, Genset (NASDAQ: GENXY) Chairman and CEO, Pascal Brandys, will be interviewed.
Securing full-service lodging mail, carriage of mail and crew Praha Brandys nad Labem - Stara Boleslav, security hardware kits SPS, postal services, crediting franking machines and processing postal orders.
For the operation of the nursery will be used space Faculty of Education in Brandys nad Labem, where so far there is no kindergarten providing day care children.
5kHz Contact Ultrasound-assisted Debridement (LFCUD) on Lower Extremity Wounds in a Vascular Surgery Clinic: A Pilot Study", Murphy, Houghton, Brandys and Rose concluded that LFCUD improved tissue quality and decreased Wound Surface Area in a complex patient population with peripheral vascular disease.
NASDAQ: INCY) President and CSO Randal Scott, Genset (NASDAQ: GENXY) Chairman and CEO Pascal Brandys, Geron Corporation (NASDAQ: GERN) CEO Ron Eastman, Gilead Sciences, Inc (NASDAQ: GILD) CEO John Martin, and Pharmacopeia, Inc.
The agricultural biotechnology and seed company also announced that former director Pascal Brandys has rejoined the board and will assume the chair of the company's audit committee previously held by Ms.
Nasdaq/NMS:ILOGY) announced today that Pascal Brandys, chairman and chief executive officer of Genset S.