breach of privilege

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Rankin rose on a question of privilege alleging that a breach of privilege had occurred due to the government's decision to advertise the appointment process for the board of directors of the new Canada Infrastructure Bank, before Parliament passed the enabling legislation.
While discussing the matter of Chairman's ruling on breach of privilege of the House due to not replying on a question asking information of all loans taken and written off by National Bank of Pakistan and then not taking action against the concerned officials, the committee was told that the Minister for Finance has contact with the Chairman Senate and it has been appealed to the Chairman to review his ruling.
The matter of breach of Privilege of the House due to failure of the Secretary, Ministry of Railways while a Calling Attention Notice was on the Orders of Day on 29th December last year was deferred because the Secretary could not attend the meeting.
He added: "In view of these events, and the prior notice given to the deputies, I regard Deputy Collins' references as a serious breach of privilege and I'm referring the matter to the Committee of Procedure and Privileges.
18 -- In the aftermath of the Anna Hazare Andolen, some members of Team Anna have been served with breach of privilege notices for their utterances against Parliamentarians.
To a question on whether Sibal's remarks amounted to breach of privilege, the BJP leader said as of now he was not in a position to say anything on the issue.
The party however said it was "a fit case" for breach of privilege.
Though the court determined potential breach of privilege shouldn't prevent the claim from going forward, it emphasized that every effort should be made to keep confidential information private.
He refused to divulge more details, stating that the Assembly session was in progress and any details would amount to breach of privilege of the house.
Whether this a breach of privilege or not, I think how this information was put together should be investigated.