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But little did she realize, even then, as she hid the Manuscript and prepared to flee, how terrible had been the breakdown of the Second Revolt.
All he could say at the moment in elucidation of this breakdown from his usual placid solemnity was:
Me and you, Grubb, with a refined song and a breakdown.
Twenty per cent of the placement break downs occurred before four months and within the first year, 62 per cent of the placement breakdowns had taken place.
Buying an old car need not be a risky venture, even though a new survey has revealed most breakdowns involve vehicles more than five years old.
No customer today should be satisfied with just paying premiums and looking for income recovery when equipment breakdowns occur.
Saga Breakdown Assistance helps more than 50,000 motorists a year and while eight out of ten breakdowns are repaired at the roadside, many cars still have to be taken to garages.
Tuberculosis (JPL bovis) herd breakdowns (2) had been recorded by the former Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
Using planning and scheduling alone, craftspeople often continue to undergo frustration with emergencies from "surprise" breakdowns.
Terry Wireman's latest book was written to assist companies, regardless of the type of industry or facility, to develop asset (equipment) management policies, which, when properly implemented, virtually eliminate equipment malfunctions or breakdowns.
A sense that the rate of nervous breakdowns was high and rising operated from the 1920s to the 1960s--a key component of wider beliefs about the heavy mental toll of modern life.