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But little did she realize, even then, as she hid the Manuscript and prepared to flee, how terrible had been the breakdown of the Second Revolt.
And thereafter, for a long time, the many irons rose and fell, the pace of the room in no wise diminished; while the forewoman strode the aisles with a threatening eye for incipient breakdown and hysteria.
because if you don't, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.
Terry Wireman's latest book was written to assist companies, regardless of the type of industry or facility, to develop asset (equipment) management policies, which, when properly implemented, virtually eliminate equipment malfunctions or breakdowns.
Breakdown and Castnet had previously settled a federal lawsuit brought by Breakdown because Castnet was making verbatim copies of "Breakdowns" and passing them off to its clients as their own work.
A sense that the rate of nervous breakdowns was high and rising operated from the 1920s to the 1960s--a key component of wider beliefs about the heavy mental toll of modern life.
HSB also helps agents become more familiar with equipment risks for various classes of business by giving them online access to at-a-glance equipment exposure information that illustrates what equipment businesses use, how it can break down, and what breakdowns cost.
This warranty covers mechanical and electrical breakdowns for 90 days after the buyer has paid in full and taken possession of the equipment.
Twenty per cent of the placement break downs occurred before four months and within the first year, 62 per cent of the placement breakdowns had taken place.
Small businesses need to know that they can be the unfortunate victims of noncovered comprehensive electrical breakdowns.
Using planning and scheduling alone, craftspeople often continue to undergo frustration with emergencies from "surprise" breakdowns.