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Observation of the cross-section and measurement of breaking strength are both destructive inspections, so it is not possible to evaluate both using the same sample.
The corresponding figures were 37% for egg length, 31% for egg width, 16% for breaking strength and 15% for shell thickness.
At approximately 60 percent of the breaking strength of chain--the yield point of the steel--the chain stretches approximately 1 percent of its length.
Shell breaking strength data showed that imported genotypes' eggs were more resistant to breakings.
Key words: Fiber-reinforced composite, margin design, breaking strength, marginal accuracy
Instead, it had meant to imply that these forces not exceed the breaking strength of securement devices.
The scientists evaluated such macroscopic characteristics as density (true and apparent), expansion ratio (radial, axial, overall), porosity and breaking strength.
And because they are fired at such high temperatures, they're denser, making them stronger when applied to surfaces, although most glass generally has a breaking strength of about 700 pounds per square inch, three times that of ceramic.
Traditional grappling hooks generally are "large, bulky and risky to use, because the breaking strength of the metal is largely unknown.
Her premise reinforces a challenge to this profession to begin exploring these issues as critically as we examine all technical aspects of our work--knowing the breaking strength of an eleven millimeter rope, knowing the correct first-aid protocol for a sprained ankle, knowing how to climb a 5.
Compared to the HC groups, serum IGF-1, vertebral and femur densities and femur breaking strength were the lowest in the LC groups (by 27%, 2%, 3% and 14%, respectively, p<0.