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Linear regression from maximum breaking strength was used to predict the time to failure in the manner like Winger et al.
The breaking strength of the colonic anastomoses and the incisional skin wounds, colonic hydroxyproline concentration, and body weight were compared with the two-sided unpaired t test.
Observation of the cross-section and measurement of breaking strength are both destructive inspections, so it is not possible to evaluate both using the same sample.
The total thickness of eggshell was positively correlated with breaking strength (0.92, Table 2; 0.32, Fathi et al., 2010) and eggshell thickness (0.85, Table 2; 0.50, Fathi et al., 2010).
Figure 3 presents the effect of [C.sub.FeB] on the breaking strength and elongation at break of FeB-AO-PAN in the dry state.
But, water extract was found to be more active as evidenced by significant increase in the rate of wound contraction, breaking strength, hydroxyproline content, and reduced epithelization period.
At approximately 60 percent of the breaking strength of chain--the yield point of the steel--the chain stretches approximately 1 percent of its length.
External egg quality parameters were egg weight, shape index, specific gravity, shell breaking strength and shell thickness while internal parameters were albumen height, albumen index, Haugh Unit score, yolk index, yolk height and yolk color.
Fiber-reinforced composite restorations provide excellent esthetics; however, little is known regarding the influence of margin design on marginal accuracy and breaking strength for this type of crown.
With the measured values (width and thickness) and the obtained ones from the registered diagram, the bending breaking strength is calculated as follows:
High tensile wire has a stretch factor of less than 1% and at that level the wire will break, however, the break strength will be three plus times that of standard like-sized fence wire, i.e., low tensile fence (standard stuff) 12.5 gauge wire size has a breaking strength of 400 to 480 lbs.
The film has at least a first resin film with a breaking elongation in the lengthwise direction of 300 to 1500% and a breaking strength of at least 2 kg/12 mm.