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The total thickness of eggshell was positively correlated with breaking strength (0.
The breaking strength and elongation at break of the fibrous samples were examined on a YG 065H laboratorial tensile tester (Laizhou Electronic Instrument, China) under ambient atmosphere conditions according to the Chinese Standard GB/T 3923.
40 when compared with the actual breaking strength.
In the results obtained from the three-point bending test of the femur, untreated OVX animals had significantly reduced breaking strength compared with SHAM-OVX rats (p < 0.
mu] is the tensile breaking strength of the matrix, d--the fibers diameter and [tau]--shear stress along the interface between fiber and matrix.
5 gauge wire size has a breaking strength of 400 to 480 lbs.
The film has at least a first resin film with a breaking elongation in the lengthwise direction of 300 to 1500% and a breaking strength of at least 2 kg/12 mm.
Practically indestructible, the cable reel can accommodate two workers of more than 300 pounds and has a breaking strength of 14,000 pounds.
Medcare Disposable Slings have a breaking strength of 1,650 lbs, are 100% breathable, and may be left under a resident.
Prior to 1993, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations required the aggregate breaking strength of all tie-downs to equal 1.
Over the years, two different approaches have been developed to describe the breaking strength of materials and how flaws propagate as cracks during material service.
All system components must be rated at 5,000 pounds breaking strength and compatible for use together as a system.