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The CIPCEA and PCEABI groups did not differ significantly in the incidence of breakthrough pain (Table 3).
Breakthrough pain may arise because tumors give off chemicals that cause sensory nerves to perceive normal stimuli as harmful, Mantyh says.
Lazanda is indicated for the management of breakthrough pain in cancer patients 18 years of age and older who are already receiving and who are tolerant to opioid therapy for their underlying persistent cancer pain.
It is known as breakthrough pain because it is pain that "breaks through" a regular pain medicine schedule.
However, patients in the air group had a higher incidence of recurrent breakthrough pain P=0.
All had been on an around-the clock regimen of 60-1,000 mg/ day of morphine or 25-300 mcg/ hour of transdermal fentanyl for persistent cancer pain and were having one to four episodes of breakthrough pain a day.
Hence, the presence of breakthrough pain can have a significant negative impact on the quality of life of the patient.
On Average, More than Half of Patients with Cancer Experience Debilitating Breakthrough Pain
Orexo's European licensing partner ProStrakan Group plc, for the cancer breakthrough pain product Rapinyl on the European market, has announced that Rapinyl will be referred for review by the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the EMEA.
SAN ANTONIO -- A new rapidly acting effervescent formulation of fentanyl appears to be safe and effective when used to treat breakthrough pain in cancer patients.
In June 2011, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Lazanda (fentanyl nasal spray; Archimedes) for the management of breakthrough pain in cancer patients and Oxecta (oxycodone hydrochloride; Acura Pharmaceuticals/Pfizer) for acute and chronic moderate to severe pain.