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In addition to ventilators, Breas, and now B&D, will market a line of sleep apnea devices including the Z1, the world's smallest and lightest CPAP machine.
Founded in 1991, Breas employs more than 100 people in nine countries and operates a 30,000 square-foot manufacturing/office facility in Sweden.
Note: The alarm time does not indicate what time BREAS alarms were activated--it's function is to serve as an alarm clock to waken the patient.
The rear panel of the BREAS contains the Analog/Digital (A/D) output connector.
Breas product development is focused on home care ventilation and sleep therapy products.
Nicke Svanvik, CEO of Breas Medical added, "CareFusion is a great partner for the Breas Vivo brand.
About Breas Medical Breas Medical is a leading manufacturer of innovative respiratory ventilators and sleep apnea products for the global home healthcare market.