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Breas is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of homecare ventilation and sleep apnea devices.
Then PBM Capital acquired Breas Medical AB from GE Healthcare.
El presente trabajo se desarrollo para verificar la incidencia de breas de diferente procedencia como aditivos, sobre la conductividad electrica de coques a partir de carbones unitarios de diferente rango.
Estudio de la interaccion de carbones y breas en la textura optica de coques.
Un claro ejemplo es la "goma brea" obtenida de Parkinsonia praecox acerca de la cual existen numerosos estudios sobre sus caracteristicas quimicas como aditivo, ausencia de factores toxicos para el consumo humano y produccion a campo.
Physically, the BREAS PV 10i is small, light weight and exceptionally (and we do mean exceptionally) quiet in the operational mode.
At 10 cm/H20 pressure the BREAS PV 10i generates only 30 dBA of sound which we thought down-right astonishing.
Vital Signs also owns majority interests in Breas AB, a Swedish based manufacturer of Sleep Therapy and Personal Ventilation equipment as well as National Sleep Technologies (NST), a Sleep Diagnostic and Therapeutic company.
Breas Medical's president and CEO, Nicke Svanvik, in turn explained that clients in the UK can now benefit from his company's enhanced capabilities and B&D's customer support and service.
Brea has a heated war of words with her editor and is asked to take some time off work and re-evaluate her approach to her career.
class="MsoNormalBreas boyfriend, John (Omar Epps), together with their friends Darren (Laz Alonso) and Malia (Roselyn Sanchez) take Brea out to celebrate her birthday.