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Evaluation of benign breast disorders in females of rural Punjab.
Increasing incidence of female health problems such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and menstrual and breast disorders.
The costs of 14 conditions not subclassified with or without complications exceeded $20 000 (data not shown), but only the costs of malignant breast disorders with complications or comorbidities exceeded $20 000.
The website also features information on self examination, age related factors in breast changes, the impact of HRT and the pill as well as a wide range of common benign breast disorders such as lumps and cysts.
Love notes, "fibrocystic and other benign breast disorders rarely precede carcinoma of the breast.
WRI is using a variety of biological, bioimaging, high-density cDNA and protein profiling, Laser capture micro dissection and computational tools to carry out cutting-edge research focused on identifying disease-related molecular mechanisms associated with breast disorders, said Dr Richard I.
The vast majority of referred patients with breast disorders present with breast lumps and receive benign diagnosis when subjected to histopathological examination.