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During this interval, many women may face breastfeeding problems such as: breast engorgement, fissured nipples and even early weaning [5,13].
This anti-inflammatory enzyme (serratiopeptidase) used thrice daily is effective therapeutic remedy for problems like breast engorgement, lateral or perineal laceration and post-operative swellings.
When the milk comes in, a woman can experience breast engorgement. This is because her body makes more milk than she needs as it is unaware if she had a single baby or twins.
In 1992, after 3 years of hemodialysis treatments for ESRD secondary to hypertension, a 79-year-old, black, female patient was found to have right arm swelling and breast engorgement. During the course of disease management she had received at least nine bilateral dual lumen CVCs or internal jugular catheters (IJCs).
Fever in the first 24 hours after delivery often resolves spontaneously and cannot be explained by an identifiable infection.(1), (2) The causes of such single-day fevers are unknown, but it has been speculated that they are related to dehydration, lochia block, infusion of fetal protein, or breast engorgement.(3), (4) After performing a MEDLINE search (1966 to present) using the terms "puerperal disorders," "fever," and "puerperal infection," we found only two studies addressing single-day fever.(1), (2) Little is known about the clinical factors associated with such fevers.
This suppression process occurs naturally but can be very uncomfortable due to breast engorgement. Some doctors prescribe the drug for about two weeks shortly after childbirth to alleviate the mother's pain.