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The breast milk gathered at the event will be pasteurized for the use of babies confined at TPDH's Newborn Intensive Care Unit, outpatient infants, and babies admitted to other hospitals who are in need of breast milk.
'When a baby is delivered, its intestines are very tender; it is breast milk that helps the child eliminate every impurity in the baby, as it serves as antibiotics.
"In preterm or low birth weight newborns, a mother's own milk is the first choice for preterm infants; when it is unavailable, donor breast milk is considered as the next best choice.
The research team set out to discover the interrelationships between these compounds in the blood and breast milk in early postpartum women with normal BMI and with overweight/obesity before pregnancy to determine if these components correlated to infant growth measures at age 4-8 weeks.
Overall, 83.9% of infants received breast milk during the first few days of life (Table).
Previous research shows 73 per cent of UK babies start off breast fed but only 45 per cent are getting any breast milk at all at six weeks old.
'We have breast milk substitutes such as formula, breast milk fortifiers and other products.
Asked about the complain of many mothers that their babies do not get sufficient breast milk, the doctor said, "In many cases, newborns do not get sufficient breast milk in first three days after their birth.
The DOH- Calabarzon said breast milk has antiviral components which boost the immune system and protect infants against common childhood illnesses like diarrhea and pneumonia.
Evaluation of anti-bacterial efficacy of human breast milk using agar well diffusion assay
The Results: The bacteria in the infant's stool was closely associated with the bacteria of the mother's breast milk and areolar area.
I couldn't believe what was in it - strawberry protein shake and breast milk."