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Knowing whether you have dense breast tissue is important because dense breast tissue can mask cancer from being detected on your mammogram," Spear said.
Women in their 40s and 50s are most likely to have dense breast tissue, though some women may have dense breast tissue at any age.
The research team has discovered for the first time that healthy breast tissue contains more of the bacterial species Methylobacterium, a finding which could offer a new perspective in the battle against breast cancer.
MBI is a secondary screening and diagnostic tool that is particularly useful for women who have dense breast tissue and women with a high risk of being diagnosed with cancer.
In order to fully tackle the mechanisms that lie behind breast cancer we first need to understand how healthy breast tissue develops.
The study showed a 57 percent relative increase in breast cancer detection in dense breast tissue, or 6.
For more details about breast density information, 3D Mammography, Breast ultrasound, breast tissue density, breast tissue is dense; dense breasts pictures, extremely dense breast tissue, etc.
This study offers practice-based, clinical proof that for women with dense breast tissue roughly half the female population in the United States alone MBI is a powerful tool that finds cancer where a mammogram alone can miss it, said Dr.
Lump was excised under general anaesthesia and sent for histopathological reporting with provisional diagnosis of fibroadenoma in ectopic breast tissue.
SoftVue's unparalleled, sophisticated design incorporates a circular ultrasound transducer, unique to medical imaging, presenting cross- sectional ultrasound slices through the entire volume of breast tissue.
Dense breast tissue is defined as a greater amount of fibrous or glandular tissue than fatty tissue in the breasts.
The lower the breast tissue density the less fibroglandular tissue there is compared to fat tissue.