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BREVE, practice. A writ in which the cause of action is briefly stated, hence its name. Fleta, lib. 2, c. 13, Sec. 25; Co. Lit. 73 b.
     2. Writs are distributed into several classes. Some are called brevia formata, others brevia de cursu, brevia judicialia, or brevia magistralia. There is a further distinction with respect to real actions into brevia nominata and innominata. The former, says Bacon, contain the time, place and demand very particularly; and therefore by such writ several lands by several titles cannot be demanded by the same writ. The latter contain only a general complaint, without expressing time, damages, &c., as in trespass quare clausum fregit, &o., and therefore several lands coming to the demandant by several titles may be demanded in such writ. F. N. B. 209; 8 Co. 87; Kielw. 105; Dy. 145; 2 Brownl. 274; Bac. Ab. Actions in General, C. See Innominate contracts.

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breve septicemia in a neonate with omphalocele who had received probiotic therapy (4).
breve B-3 has demonstrated great potential in helping prevent metabolic syndrome, while at the same time improving liver function," said Dr.
Isolation, physico-chemical, and toxicology characterization of toxins from Gymnodinium breve Davis.
Souhaitons que la Breve histoire du regime seigneurial trouve son chemin aupres des enseignants et des auteurs de manuels scolaires, et pourquoi pas aussi aupres des auteurs de fiction.
Coco Breve debuts in June in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego and Austin, TX; Redd's will launch in July in some central and southeastern states; Third Shift--priced at "below craft" levels--is being sold in Dayton, Ohio.
So it's something of a special occasion at the Philharmonic next Wednesday and Thursday when the two orchestral suites from The Three Cornered Hat, and the two orchestral interludes from La Vide Breve will be conducted by Pablo Gonzalez.
Tratado Breve de Medicina was one of the earliest medical guides of New Spain and was instrumental in helping treat many new diseases that afflicted indigenous peoples as a result of the introduction of these illnesses by Spanish settlers.
Las siguientes dos secciones estan dedicadas a temas de algunas propiedades del paradigma de programacion en estudio, como son la herencia y el polimorfismo, que permiten --entre otras cosas-- definir la clasificacion jerarquica entre las clases, de manera similar como se hace en la biologia con los animales y plantas Estos temas son tratados en una breve introduccion, y posteriormente se van expandiendo los topicos relacionados.
Falla: The Three Cornered Hat; La Vida Breve, Introduction and Dance.
Percy (1569-1642) translated Breve Compendio Intorno alla Perfezione Cristiana, attributed to various Italian authors, as An Abridgement of Christian Perfection.
breve strain Yakult, and helps alleviate abdominal distension, loose stools, and constipation.

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