BREVIA, writs. They were called brevia, because of the brevity in which the cause of action was stated in them.

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Early in 1877, he is mentioned in the campus newspaper Freshman Brevia column (Tripod 1877a Jan 25) and again in the Personals column as joining the class of '80 (Tripod 1877 Feb 22).
Despite the reminder of vita brevia, however, the picture presents a thematic image of courtly values and norms, a privileged and cosseted existence of consumption supported by imperial masters.
Within the sheaths, FDS and FDP are tethered to phalanxes by expressions of mesotendons named vincula brevia and longa which also carry the blood supply to tendons 5-7.
The Dorsa Brevia document, a constitution of sorts that emerges from an extended gathering of the most important groups, vouchsafes "rights of place" to the Martian landscape and designates the higher elevations of the planet protected wilderness areas (Green Mars 389-90).
191) Theologiae moralis summa: in qua per traditas distinctiones, brevia, ac facilia firmantur theoremata ad quoslibet conscientiae casus resolvendos accommodata, 1723 [con ex libris del convento de la Merced de Barcelona].
This is not the first time that she had made racist comments against Chinese and Indian students in our school," said 17-year-old student Brevia Pan.
Sed inter primum atque novissimum id est inter Babilonium et Romanum, quasi inter patrem senem et filium parvulum, brevia mediaque regna venerunt, Affricanum videlicet et Macedonicum>>.
4 cm longa lilacina, ad basem alba; flos macrostylus: stamina brevia 2 mm longa, stamina longa ca.
See Anton-Hermann Chroust, Brevia Addenda: Did President Jackson Actually Threaten the Supreme Court of the United States with Nonenforcement of Its Injunction Against the State of Georgia?
Also of note is the fact that the citizens had already undergone a dress rehearsal for the congressional session in the creation of the Dorsa Brevia document, a kind of Martian political manifesto, produced many years earlier during a previous period of democratic struggle (Green Mars, Part 7, "What is To Be Done?
tris Notus abreptas in saxa latentia torquet | (saxa vocant Itali mediis quae in fluctibus Aras, | dorsum immane mari summo), tris Eurus ab alto | in brevia et syrtis urget, miserabile visu, | inliditque vadis atque aggere cingit harenae.
He read his brevia ry and said Mass very rarely but did manage to keep a diary, in which he remarked on 17 February 1929: "It is wise to give God His Time, if there is anything to be done.