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BREVIARIUM. The name of a code of laws of Alaric II., king of the Visigoths.

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Les quatre premieres parties (38), identiques a celles du Breviarium Romanum de 1568, ne reunissent que les antiennes et les repons dont le texte et la melodie sont propres a chaque office du temporal et du sanctoral.
Le departement des Imprimes conserve des exemplaires legerement plus tardifs de ces editions: Breviarium Romanum, ex decreto sacrosancti concilii Tridentini.
The revised Breviarium romanum of Urban VIII was promulgated universally in 1632.
127) For contemporary examples of the incipits, see Breviarium Romanum, fols.
Moreover, many of the texts and chants in the Breviarium notatum Strigoniense were sung throughout Europe.
expected by those familiar with modern liturgies, see Breviarium .
In the beginning of 1567 Paolo Manuzio enlisted the aid of a number of Roman typographers, including Giulio Bolani Accolti, Lucrezia Dorico, Paola Blado, Bartolomeo Toso, Domenico Giglio, and Giuseppe Dell'Angioli, to help print the post-Tridentine Breviarium romanum.