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The brigand captain took the large paper from the attendant brigand and, glancing over it, continued: "My other intentions are clearly set forth in this public document, which I will hand round in a moment; and which after that will be posted on a tree by every village in the valley, and every cross-road in the hills.
He had held back in a hang-dog style when his son and Muscari had made a bold movement to break out of the brigand trap.
He seems to me much more inexplicable as a brigand even than he was as a courier.
I should have thought the brigand was plain enough.
At the same moment, and long before the vibration had touched the less-experienced English ears, Montano the brigand ran up the bank above them and stood in the broken hedge, steadying himself against a tree and peering down the road.
Muscari meanwhile, without waiting for support, had crested the bank up to the road, and struck the brigand king heavily on the shoulder, causing him to stagger and swing round.
I am no more a genuine brigand than I am a genuine courier.
With reports this week of 197 fish from Brigands along with Discovery's successful trip, it only backs up the excellent sport to be had on the Mersey by using our Marina's charter boats.
History has largely painted them as brigands, cattle rustlers, and cold-blooded murderers.
The very mask of religiosity and puritanism that the brigands of this brutal congeries wear is a big deceptive hoax and a most vicious charade.
Hospitably Welsh AS the Urdd National Eisteddfod visits the area Catrin Jones, manager of the Brigands Hotel at Mallwyd, is urging Welsh people to venture into hospitality and to take advantage of the innovative training available.
With foreign jihadists, Syrian brigands and ex Iraqi soldiers in its ranks, has been disowned as too extreme by al-Qaeda chiefs.