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On the subject of renal disease, Brights most extensive observations appeared in the first volume of Guy's Hospital Reports in 1836.
Owen says Obermeyer's palette is bright marigold, red, royal purple and blue, but red and yellow are the biggest news.
Whether we brights area minority or, as I am inclined to believe, a silent majority, our deepest convictions are increasingly dismissed, belittled, and condemned by those in power--by politicians who go out of their way to invoke God and to stand, self-righteously preening, on what they call "the side of the angels.
After a competitive tender, we concluded that Bright Station and Intel Online Services were the perfect team.
Bright Station plc consists of four main subsidiary businesses - WebTop - intelligent Web searching, Smartlogik - Internet infrastructure solutions, Sparza - eCommerce hosting and officeshopper - eCommerce for office products.
Both join Bright Station plc from International Data Group (IDG), the leading global provider of IT media, research, conferences and expositions.
Andy Dancer, Chief Technology Officer of Bright Station eCommerce Solutions, said: "Boo's technology solution is the result of a massive investment program and is widely acknowledged as a state-of-the-art consumer eCommerce solution.
During extensive evaluation by Yellow Pages for this core role, Bright Station was required to prove that its technologies could handle exceptionally high volumes of throughput of both data and queries, representing over 100 million page impressions per month and hundreds of simultaneous searches per second with sub 2 second response rates.
Dialog/Bright Station's Chief Executive, Dan Wagner, stated, "We are very pleased with the outcome of today's Dialog shareholder and bondholder votes which overwhelmingly approved the sale of the ISD to Thomson in a transaction that directly meets each party's strategic business goals: The ISD provides an ideal fit with Thomson's already substantial online information assets, while the capital provided by the ISD sale and strategic equity investments by Thomson and JIYU Holdings will free the new Bright Station to focus our full management and capital resources in supporting the growth of our technology-led businesses.
Last week, Bright Station announced an agreement with the British Airport Authority (BAA) which is deploying the SmartLogik knowledge management solution on the desktops of over 5,500 employees.
Dan Wagner, CEO of Bright Station, concluded, "The nature of BAA's business means that the company has to deal with an enormous amount of information on different subjects - from safety to regulation, environmental to business issues.
Bright Start is a qualified college savings program established by the state of Illinois under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code.