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Includes a pre-tax charge of $17 million ($11 million after taxes) for costs associated with the Timber Monetization restructure, a pre-tax charge of $7 million ($4 million after taxes) related to the sale of the Carolina Coated Bristols brand and costs associated with the Riegelwood mill conversion to 100% pulp production, and a charge of $1 million (before and after taxes) for costs associated with the Coated Paperboard sheet plant closures.
The Bristol, originated by the aircraft company of the same name, had become the wheels of the well-heeled businessmen with sporting interests.
Bristol tried a triple carb, but things were not particularly better until the introduction of the 401 in 1948 which represented a definitive change for Bristol.
The very name Bristol City is the meat and drink of Daily Sport writers in particular.
Wakey, wakey dozy, it's Bristol City who we've already played this season.
The cream on the scone, so to speak, is that few have heard of the Bristol and fewer still seen one.
Although a Thames-style 'Floating Harbour' waterway cuts through the centre of Bristol more obviously than our canal network, the two cities have a great deal in common.
Flying Bristol Fighters, McKeever was an excellent shot and a great aerobatic pilot.
He was asked recently what he thinks about racing for possibly the last time at Bristol (Tenn.
It is mainly clubs who have wealthy backers that have survived and done well whilst the Bristols and the Leeds, clubs who don't have that, are yo-yoing between the divisions.
And Hill points to Bristols home record this season with only Leicester Tigers triumphing at the Memorial Stadium four months ago.
The mill's bristols production, used for products such as index cards and file folders, will be shifted to other mills in the International Paper system.