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Rest of the newly-elected Pakistan-origin British MPs included Tasleema Sheikh of Scottish National Party from Scotland, Sadiq Khan of Labor Party, elected from Nottingham, Sajid Javed of Conservative Party, elected from London and Rehman Chishti of Labour Party.
If this had happened in Africa, we would have undoubtedly seen some of the same British MPs and other sundry Western officials pontificating on how terrible corruption and corrupt officials were.
BORN HANK Williams, US country singer, 1923 ANNE Bancroft, US actress, 1931, above TESSA Jowell, British MP, 1947 DIED
According to a survey carried out by this scribe on Saturday, the newly-elected British MP from Birmingham Mirza Khalid Mahmood of Labour Party, who retained the office, belongs to Dadayal town of this district.
The last British MP delegation permitted access to Gaza by Israel was in 2009.
THE European Union must demand Turkey to leave Cyprus as part of the obligation to protect its members, a British MP said on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Turkish invasion.
Derawi also noted that leader of the convoy, British MP George Galloway, expressed thanks to the Syrian leadership and people for their efforts to deliver the aid to the people of Gaza, affirming that work will continue to organize more aid convoys to the Palestinian people of Gaza Strip.
The Viva Palestinian convoy, led by George Galloway, the outspoken British MP, protested against the Egyptian decision to prevent the convoy lorries to enter Gaza through Rafah crossing, about 45 km from the port in Al-Arish and force them to pass via Israel.
This is a question that raises all types of other conundrums, in particular should a British MP be in contact with a terrorist organsation?
But today she told a British MP that she had gone voluntarily and planned to stay in Pakistan.
However, urging theArab world to join the fight against our troops was hardly a view becoming of a British MP - not least from the ruling party.
Conservative John Corrie (right) was a British MP for 13 years until 1987.

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